Eternal Sunshine

from by Timberwolf



we left our thoughts behind.
Our eyes
Blood shoot but filled with life.

We packed the car with a sheet,
Picked a empty street and just
drove toward open skies.

Thats when you turned to me
Yawning through sleep
And said with just a smile.

"We won't stop.
We won't think.
We'll just stay
We'll just be."

Well, I'll tear the sun
Out of the sky
If it thinks it's rising
to end our night

I'll build a cage
Around the moon
Cause this is perfect
and it'll end too soon

Like These moments
always end too soon

I bet the cold
Eighty bucks
That try as it may
It will never break us

I bet the wind
My favorite shoes
That it will never
get through me
And it will never
Get to you

I'll tear the sun out of the sky
If it thinks it's rising
To end our night.

I'll build a cage around the moon.
It thinks I'm kidding,
And I think you do too.

But, I 'll nail each star right in place
So we'll stay perfect
If we just stay.

These moments always end too soon.

To never breathe again.
To never think again.
To never have to dream again.
To never leave again.


from Timberwolf, released February 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Timberwolf Nashville, Tennessee

'. . I want to warn you fellers
And tell you one by one,
What makes a gallows rope to swing;
A woman and a gun.'

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