I'm Fine Without You

from by Timberwolf



You always call my room a cave,
where we could run and hide ourselves away.
Start a fire to warm up.
Live inside your three blankets.

Try to tell your mom you love her,
Convince you your mom knows you love her.
Only sleep so we can stay up,
Only drink until we drink too much.

Count the times we've broken up.
Laugh about how its always my fault.
when you finally open the door.
You ask me why I never smile anymore.

Baby you bore me.
You bore me.
You bore me now.


You always called your room a cave,
Where you'd run to hide yourself away
Close our eyes, close the shades
Let the dark wash the sun out of our face

I used to smile when you're brought up
But now my friends know not to bring you up
Always fight. Never budge.
Let you think you win every one.

Count the times we've broken up.
You cry about how it's always your fault.
But it's all the same, cause you'll never see
Exactly what's been fading from my cheeks

Baby you bore me.
You bore me.
You bore me now.

I'm fine without you.
I'm fine without you.


from Timberwolf, released February 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Timberwolf Nashville, Tennessee

'. . I want to warn you fellers
And tell you one by one,
What makes a gallows rope to swing;
A woman and a gun.'

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