In The Background

from by Timberwolf



Did you see me in the background
In the bushes, outside of his house?
Well, I've been here three nights or so
And still you've not come out.

I guess I should've known, I should've known
when you said you were with your friends,
That what you really meant was you
Were going out with him.

You belong with me.
You belong with me.

Did you see me in the background
of the bridge we kissed at on our first date?
Well I was wondering why the hell
You brought him there in the first place.

You were holdin' hands, and he was leaning in,
So I called your phone and pretended
That "We've all be trying reach you for hours!"
"Oh my god you haven't heard?"
"I'm so sorry. Your dad died.""

Well, you belong with me.
Yeah, you belong with me.
You, you.

Did you see me in the corner of that party
You must think I'm so alone.
Well it sure as hell didn't help
When you started playing him my songs. Bitch.

Well, now I'm back at his house
In those bushes, where I guess belong
and I have me a lighter and I'm settin' me a fire
to his lawn.

Oh girl, don't you see?
You belong with me.

So, you can see me in the background in the woods,
I've been laying here for weeks.
And I'm guessing you don't want me anymore.
Or so it seems.


from Timberwolf, released February 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Timberwolf Nashville, Tennessee

'. . I want to warn you fellers
And tell you one by one,
What makes a gallows rope to swing;
A woman and a gun.'

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